Can your business benefit from a fractional Executive?

One growing trend in business management is the hiring of a fractional executive who can offer strategy, planning and management services for specific functions of your company. This practice is becoming more common for startups and growing businesses that either don’t need a full-time executive in the C-suite or require a more cost-effective solution. So … Read more

“We are They” – Representing Your Team

When I was first managing a new customer support team, I moved into the area a few hours a day so I could get a feel for how people were responding to customer calls. It wasn’t long before I heard a relatively new Customer Support Rep (CSR) say to a customer, “I don’t know why … Read more

Prioritizing your Time

I met with a group of business people today and the general consensus was that the economy continues to struggle. Only one of the people in the room believed the signs of sustainable growth were evident in their market. Those working with municipalities, small businesses, design engineering, and construction all felt there continued to be … Read more

Five Steps to Build a Better Team

Job satisfaction and employee motivation are always hot button topics for business owners.  Perhaps you have wished your employees would take ownership of their jobs the same way you do.  As we enter 2024, it’s time to take a new approach to managing that will result in the kind of job involvement and commitment you … Read more

Starting the New Year Right

At Apprize Solutions, we recommend formal planning on an annual basis. And while many companies plan, one survey indicates that only 23% say their planning drives important decisions. In fact, less than 3 in 5 say that they link their budgets to strategies and fewer than one-third link employee compensation incentives to strategy. So, how … Read more

The Apprize Approach

At Apprize Solutions, we help leaders and their organizations improve through a focus on strategy, people and processes using an approach we call “business engagement”. We bring a strong history of building effective teams, aligning resources to strategy, and leadership development to every interaction, and we work hand-in-hand with your team to effect change, build … Read more

Learning to say “no” in negotiations

As a young salesperson, I worked with a very difficult client who taught me a valuable lesson in negotiation. This particular client scheduled just one meeting with me and after that he pushed me off to his media coordinator. However, he still negotiated every order directly, and invariably we would go ‘round and ‘round in … Read more

Strategies for finding qualified personnel

Finding qualified personnel can be a daunting task, particularly in times of low unemployment.  My team was often tasked with the same challenge over the 16 years that I was part of a global manufacturer in the Chicago south suburbs.  The Chicago market isn’t one where you would expect to have difficulties finding highly qualified … Read more

Showing Appreciation

Showing Appreciation seems pretty simple and not that big a deal, particularly at this time of year. As we look toward the New Year, let me encourage you to consider upping your game when it comes to building a culture of appreciation at your workplace.  Most managers and business owners think they do a pretty … Read more

Form Follows Function

Are you struggling to effectively implement your strategies and plans? Perhaps its your organizational structure.  I was reminded this week of the significant connection between successful strategy implementation and organizational structure.  If you are struggling to achieve your plans, maybe the first place to look is how your business is arranged.  An article by Eric Garton in … Read more