Building Great Teams @ Work  Workshop

Industrial Solutions has adopted the "Thriving Business" concepts developed by Drs. Jeff and Renée Hale of WellSpirit Consulting Group, Inc. Thriving Businesses are customer centered and build a culture where leaders are committed and employees are motivated. These organizations work to effectively connect their people and processes in a way that ensures they are generating sustainable cash flow and profitability.
One of the highly valuable tools in building strong and effective teams, growing leaders and enhancing organizational development is the DiSC Workplace and DiSC Leadership profiles. WellSpirit Consulting and Industrial Solutions have developed a one-day workshop designed to help leaders build better teams, called "Building Great Teams @ Work". The DiSC Workplace Profile is used to guide leaders into greater understanding of how to build a better team.

In the Workshop, participants will:

  • Identify their personal DiSC Style
  • Learn how to relate to team members
  • Discover the secrets to a Healthy Organization
  • Develop a plan of action for their own organization
  • Practice the skills needed to improve communications
  • Network with other local business leaders

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You can also learn more about the DiSC Profile Assessments here. A link to your personalized assessment will be sent to you once you place an order and your payment is processed. After you have completed your assessment processing can take 2-3 days. You will be sent a link to download your report when processing is complete.

Individual or Group assessments along with on-site interactive learning can also be scheduled.
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