Thriving Business ModelBusiness Planning

Identifying key markets, clarifying and evaluating opportunities, and refining your value proposition are critical to sustainable growth. Having the right resources in place to successfully pursue your objectives is also a challenge. At Apprize Solutions, we have developed a growth assessment tool designed to identify the critical areas for your success. Focusing on key drivers for a thriving business, developed in collaboration with Drs. Jeff and Renee Hale, we provide guidance to your business planning.

Below you will find the four steps in our business planning model:

Market Analysis begins with an internal and external assessment. Research about current and future market trends are collected and assessed. This analysis includes understanding customer buying preferences, identifying the best way to access the market and clarify market needs. Analysis is performed to identify the necessary steps to effectively fill the gaps between an organization's current state and the demands of the market conditions.

Businesses often find themselves in the midst of a lot of activity without much clarity about which of these activities are really helping them achieve their goals. Building clear strategies and tying tactics and action items to these strategies allows an organization to let go of the extraneous and become more efficient. Apprize Solutions utilizes tools such as lean and 80/20 to help an organization focus their resources and make progress toward their goals.
Many great strategies fail because of execution and sales and marketing efforts must be aligned with the strategies. Training sales people, re-allocating marketing resources, and building an effective internal sales support function are all critical elements of channel management. Apprize Solutions can help you assess your current go-to-market strategies and assist with the work of developing new channels.
Process improvement is about more than just cost control, though it can definitely help eliminate waste and improve efficiency. Improving your processes is about create exceptional customer experiences, and giving your managers and employees the tools they need to achieve high customer satisfaction. From reducing delivery times and maintaining quality standards to improving your DSOs, Apprize Solutions is ready to assist.