“We are They” – Representing Your Team

When I was first managing a new customer support team, I moved into the area a few hours a day so I could get a feel for how people were responding to customer calls. It wasn’t long before I heard a relatively new Customer Support Rep (CSR) say to a customer, “I don’t know why … Read more

Prioritizing your Time

I met with a group of business people today and the general consensus was that the economy continues to struggle. Only one of the people in the room believed the signs of sustainable growth were evident in their market. Those working with municipalities, small businesses, design engineering, and construction all felt there continued to be … Read more

Spring Training Workshops Scheduled

Apprize Solutions, a division of Industrial Solutions – Midwest LLC, and WellSpirit Managment Consulting have teamed together to develop and present a series of workshops designed to help you building a thriving business. Designed to be immediately applicable and hands-on, the workshops combine the DiSC profile assessment with practical tools to help enhance the skills … Read more

Industrial Solutions launches new Apprize Solutions Brand

Chicago, December 1, 2014 For Immediate Release: Industrial Solutions is pleased to announce the formation of Apprize Solutions, a new management consulting firm offering an expanded package of services for companies outside the traditional heavy industrial section. Apprize Solutions offers clients a team of operations, finance, and marketing executives with global business experience committed to … Read more