Helping HandThe Apprize Difference

Not Another Consulting Firm!

Apprize Solutions offers our clients a unique, hands-on approach to business management services. As a busy entrepreneur or business leader, there is never enough hours in a day. Hiring additional C-Suite/senior executives can be a daunting task and sometimes just plain out of reach. At Apprize, we learned long ago that there is just no satisfaction at delivering a list of recommendations to a client. Instead, we offer to build a contracted (primarily remote) team of senior leaders to support your C-Suite executive needs. Whether you are looking for Operational Improvements, HR Management, Organizational Development, and Policy/Procedure development (COO), Strategic Planning, Marketing, Vision development (CEO/CMO), Technology Implementation (CTO) or Financial Services (CFO), Apprize Solutions has the answer. Our team members work hand-in-hand with our client's staff to deliver exceptional results. We call this approach "business engagement" and we believe it is the difference between mediocre and superior results. Why hire a consultant, when you can contract for the real management services you need?

From an operational perspective, we can assist with implementing lean enterprise principles and other operational efficiency programs. We seek early wins that can help us generate momentum and integrate new processes into the organizational culture. Our approach helps ensure that change takes root.